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Single Study Visualizations

Summary View for Numeric Data

…to visualize patterns and trends in numeric data with summary statistics, scatterplot, out of concurrent control range indicator, and % control mean calculations

Summary View Detail

…to review thumbnail visualizations or display detailed view showing distribution of subject data across groups

Line Graph

…to visualize patterns of numeric data over time

Clinical Observations Timecourse identify dose-related patterns and trends in clinical observations over the course of a study

Severity Heatmap

…to visualize patterns and trends in both incidence and severity

Cross-Domain Subject View

…to put a subject’s data into perspective as compared to its own group and control group, on a single day or over time


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Multi-Study Visualizations

Correlations Matrix

…to reveal pairwise correlations of endpoints for selected subjects, identifying those with histopathology findings in tissues of interest.

Multi-Study Timecourse Grid

…to compare the timecourse pattern of selected endpoint(s) across studies of interest.

Histopathology Treemap

…to visualize relative prevalence of histopathology findings across studies.

Historical Control Distribution

…to reveal the distribution of selected control data across studies, stratified by fields of interest.


Integrated Nonclinical Development Solutions, Inc. (INDS, Inc.) is pleased to announce the release of SEND Explorer® Product Family v5.0.  These validated, web-based applications were designed by scientists to provide advanced viewing, data summarization, and visualization capabilities for study data produced in SEND (Standard for Exchange of Nonclinical Data) format.  

Three new visualizations have been included in the V5.0 release:

  • A new single-study line graph has been introduced for numeric timecourse data. Group means are plotted by study day with the option to display error bars and drill down to view the individual subject that comprise the group mean.

  • A new single-study clinical observations timecourse visualization has been included which depicts the progression of clinical observations over time.

  • A new multi-study visualization has been included which displays the distribution of numeric historical control data.

SEND Explorer® Product Family v5.0 provides a scalable solution to allow your organization to leverage its investment in SEND data.

SEND Explorer® provides single-study functionality including the ability to view and query SEND data, generate group summarizations with scientifically-relevant visualizations to identify trends and patterns within a study, and review all data for a single subject to compare vs other subjects in its group or vs control subjects, to identify patterns within or across data types, at a given timepoint and over time.

SEND Explorer® Plus includes a database to extend SEND Explorer functionality to the multi-study environment and provides powerful yet intuitive cross-study querying capabilities and multi-study visualizations.

SEND Explorer® Warehouse provides a data warehouse infrastructure that will enable your organization to combine legacy/non-SEND data sources with your SEND data, to perform advanced term reconciliation functionality, or to refresh internal data sources on a schedule.

SEND Explorer® features include:

  • A robust data grid that merges subject and group metadata with associated results

  • Advanced data management and query features such as column hiding/showing, sorting, and filtering

  • Ability to export all or filtered data to Excel

  • Pivoting of data by timepoint, test code, and/or subject

  • Group summary and incidence calculations based on a user-specified group definition

  • Scientifically-relevant data visualizations including scatterplots of subject data, group mean bar charts, and Severity Heatmaps™

  • Reference range highlighting and calculated %change from control group mean

  • Hyperlink to comments and supplemental qualifiers

  • Hyperlink to multi-domain subject view with tabular and graphical displays of data

  • Line Graph Visualization

  • Clinical Observations Timecourse Visualization

SEND Explorer® Plus includes all of the above features as well as:

  • Straight-forward load interface and study dashboard

  • Fully-compliant SEND-based data model

  • Multi-study/multi-domain data query grid

  • Hyperlinked related records

  • Multi-study Correlations Matrix visualization with tissue-finding indicators and drill-down to subject data

  • Multi-study Timecourse Grid visualization permitting comparison of endpoint across studies and over time

  • Multi-study Treemap visualization facilitating recognition and communication of patterns in histopathology findings.

  • Multi-study Historical Control Value Distribution Visualization

SEND Explorer® Warehouse includes all of the above features as well as:

  • Administrative tool to allow term reconciliation, to view/modify mapped terms, to specify unit transformations, and to identify number of decimal places for display

  • Ability to register new source systems and connectors to integrate legacy data

  • Ability to load, reload, or delete individual domains or an entire study

  • Ability to review load history and load history details to help identify and correct data errors

  • Ability to load data on-demand or according to a specified schedule

Products in the SEND Explorer® Product Family v5.0 are now available for purchase. INDS has recently partnered with Instem for sales and support services. Please contact INDS at or Instem at for more information on any of these tools or to request a demo.